Now you have to admit, Tuesday’s meeting was pretty damn amazing!
From Toolshed Brewery‘s venue, the bartending skills of Graham Sherman, to Bank & Baron‘s amazing food & the wonderful charities, last night was great! If you didn?t get an opportunity to attend, you can still donate your $100 via this link:? never too late!
So on with it, what happened?

Returning Recipient

First, The Cornerstone Youth Centre came back and told us how they allocated the $14k they received from us at our last meeting. The money?helped create a hot lunch program, paint the music room and helped fund the basketball court that has the kids in the neighbourhood lining up to play.
This is EXACTLY why we do what we do, we made a difference for kids that need a space to go to after school, to feel safe and cared for, and?The Cornerstone Youth Centre?does just that.
All in all, the money was put to good use and we?re grateful they came back to tell us how the money was used.


The 3 chosen charities for the evening were as follows:

1. Calgary Reads – @CalgaryReads

Calgary Reads acts as a bridge between home and school, working to create communities where reading matters. We engage corporate partners, champions, networks and systems (including education and health care) in this process.

Find free literacy-building and reading resources including games and books, and learn about our many?programs and initiatives. Find out more by reading about our strategic direction, and explore our innovative?Theory of Change document.

2.?Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization?- @OneballCharity

(a.k.a. Fight Testicular Cancer Federation of Canada)

Oneball?s mission is to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer, fund critical testicular cancer research, promote early diagnosis,?and provide meaningful assistance to patients one ball at a time.

That being said, Oneball believes that Cancer is not just a disease, it?s a community. What this means is that if you have?ANY?questions about cancer or the journey ahead, please feel free to drop us a line! You don?t even have to talk about balls.?We?re here to help.

  1. Testicular cancer is the #1 type affecting men between 15-35 years old.
  2. It?s a local Calgary-based charity.
  3. The money will stay in Alberta, to raise awareness and assist patients struggling with the disease.

3.?Third Academy International Ltd

Calgary?s School for Special Needs Education

We create a well-balanced, individualized, integrated, and intensive program for each student, designed to prepare them for re-entry into their community school as quickly as possible.

Students with special needs require an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) that builds upon their strengths while remediating or compensating for their learning disorder. Lesson content responds to the needs of each student while adhering to the Alberta Education program of studies

Tonight?s Recipient

Of the 3 fantastic charities presented last night, the guys chose Oneball Charity to take advantage of the $10k.
We are very excited for them and look forward to finding out how the money helped them reach their honorable goals.
[Tweet “Congratulations @oneballcharity on being the winning recipient of @100MenCalgary’s $10k donation this quarter! #Charity #yyc”]
So there it is, 1.5hrs and lives changed.
We would like to thank Toolshed Brewery for their space, The Bank & Baron for the amazing food once again RedCity Creative , our partner sponsor, for all their help and support!
Thanks guys, you?ll hear from us soon!