Now you can donate online by clicking the donate button below!

Note: 100 Men Calgary now accepts your donations directly, holds them for the charity, and provides one lump sum donation to the charity that includes a list of people that make up that donation.

We have added $10 operations fee for each donation (this covers credit card processing fees, web hosting, food and drink vouchers at each meeting) on top of the $100 donation. This ensures that your $100 makes it to the receiving charity and that you get a tax receipt for it.



100 Men Calgary. Local Guys. Local Good. We’re building an army of men who give a damn about the community and each other. $100 x 100 guys = $10K to local charity every season.

From Toolshed Brewery’s venue, the bartending skills of Graham Sherman, to Bank & Baron’s amazing food & the wonderful charities, 100 Men is a great place to be!