Our call for charity nominations has arrived!?

Our next meeting is coming up,?March 14th,?and we would like to make sure that the selected charities can be?in attendance for the meeting. ?Therefore, our nomination cut-off is Sunday, March 5th. ?You can nominate your?favourite local charity by?clicking the NOMINATE NOW button below.


If you’ve previously nominated a charity and it hasn’t been?a recipient at one of our meetings, please submit it again?as nominations do not carry over. Therefore, your charity of choice can be nominated numerous times if it has not been selected, and we encourage you to do so!

Just a reminder that you can double your impact by simply inviting a friend to come along.

We’re going to need some volunteers for March 5th. Oliver & Jon just need a few guys to help out, so send them an email if you can: oliver@gabrielw4.sg-host.com

Thanks for all you do!