What a meeting! Our guest speaker brought an incredible message, the beer was on point, wonton soup kept us warm on a freezing cold night, and the 3 charities were well represented by the members who nominated them!
?If you didn?t get an opportunity to attend, you can still donate your $100 via this link:?https://100mencalgary.com/donate/?It?s never too late!
Curious about how our last meeting went down? You’ve come to the right place!

Returning Recipient

First, Centre for Suicide Prevention came back and told us how they allocated the donation they received from us at our last meeting. We couldn’t be happier that the money has found a great use, and supports their important work.

The 3 chosen charities for the evening were as follows:


  • Some kids are facing physical challenges, while others are facing social challenges and some have multiple challenges. Most kids have never been away from a parent, many have never been on an airplane, and none of them have ever been to Disneyland. Each of these children, at one time or another, has cried out ? ?why me? or ?what did I do to deserve this? or ?it?s not fair?. All funds raised in Calgary will go to the Calgary chapter and benefit Southern Alberta kids.


Epilepsy Association of Calgary

  • The Epilepsy Association of Calgary is a charitable social service agency established to address community, individual and family needs, related to epilepsy. Our mission is to support independence, quality of life and community participation for those with and affected by epilepsy.


RESOLVE Campaign

RESOLVE is about providing affordable and supported rental housing for 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians. Every Calgarian deserves a place to call home. The people in Calgary have the ability to put real roofs over the heads of those who need it most. RESOLVE is a partnership of nine established, experienced and respected Calgary social service agencies that have come together along with government with a single one-time goal: Build affordable rental housing for 3,000 vulnerable and homeless Calgarians.


Tonight?s Recipient

Of the 3 fantastic charities presented last night, the guys chose Dreams Take Flight Calgary to take advantage of the $10k.
We are very excited for them and look forward to finding out how the money helped them reach their honourable goals.
So there it is, one awesome evening and lives changed.
We would like to thank Theo Fleury for sharing his story of courage,?Toolshed Brewery for their space and beer, Browns Socialhouse Marlborough for the amazing food, Southbase Creative for running the?web app?and social media, and Rioux Visuals for photographing the event!
Thanks guys, you?ll hear from us soon!